The Center for Death Penalty Litigation is a non-profit law firm that provides direct representation to inmates on North Carolina’s death row, as well as consulting with and training attorneys who practice capital litigation across the state. CDPL’s commitment to representing indigent and disadvantaged defendants just as vigorously as corporate lawyers defend their highest-paying clients has saved the lives of many who faced execution. In addition to representing individual clients, CDPL spearheads litigation that addresses systemic injustices and educates the public about the death penalty. CDPL has been a leading force in dramatically reducing the number of executions in North Carolina, and has cast light on the arbitrariness and unfairness of our state’s capital punishment system.

J. Kirk Osborn Awards

CDPL is proud to announce that Henderson Hill is the 2014 recipient of the J. Kirk Osborn Award. Henderson is the founder of CDPL and has dedicated his life to the honorable and difficult work of capital defense. We will honor Henderson with a reception in Chapel Hill on September 18th. Learn more and buy tickets here.